The Right Loan For You

Choosing the right home loan that suits your needs

Save yourself some time and let us dive into the fine print of the many different lenders for you. We will find you the perfect loan to suit you and your circumstances and here’s how we do it:

At MTM we have access to 30+ lenders, with a Business Development Manager (BDM) for each lender. The BDM’s role is to assist us wherever possible, from going through scenarios before loan submission and providing support throughout the application process, through to settlement, if needed. Having established solid working relationships with many BDM’s, we are well placed to receive star treatment for most of our loan applications.

We keep abreast of lender policy which changes regularly. ANZ, for example, will only need the most recent year’s tax return for self-employed applicants. All other lenders need to see 2 years (and will average out the 2 years) of tax returns. Mystate and CBA will want to see 2 years of Tax Returns, but may only use the most recent years figures for their serviceability calculations.

Some lenders are okay with a PAYG salaried person being on probation; however most lenders will require the applicant to have been employed for more than three months, and off probation. Also, some lenders are better at broking rural blocks of land, some better at small inner city apartments, some are better at 3 or 4 dwellings on a single title.

There are so many variations to a loan application (no one application is ever the same!), and we know where an application will be best placed to ensure a smooth, hassle free, and cost effective outcome for our client.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say:

“For us, what we have loved about working with you is that you make everything so easy. We are time poor and have no interest in reading through pages of documents we don’t understand. It has been a godsend to have you just send stuff marked up ”sign here”!!” ~ Monique and Jeff, QLD