Our culture

What is the most important thing in the world? He tangatahe tangatahe tangata. It is the people, it is the people, it is the people. ~ Sir Apirana Ngata (Te Araroa, East Coast, NZ)

The More Than Mortgages philosophies are:

  • To create a work environment where the team feels truly valued and connected to each other.

We spend more than half of our waking life with the people we work with, so why wouldn’t we want to spend that time with people we like and respect? At MTM, all members of the team are involved in decision making, and each person has a voice to help steer the ship. Concerns are really listened to. Thoughts and opinions are truly valued.

  • To create an environment that is relaxed, people feel comfortable to be their true selves without criticism or judgement.

Everyone is unique, and at MTM we believe that the best ideas and collaboration happen when we are free to be ourselves. At MTM, we believe that “different” is great. By knowing that everyone is unique, we respect each other’s personalities, and our lives outside of work.

  • To be considerate of life as it happens to each person

Rather than create a separation of “work” and “life” (i.e. work/life balance), we look at it a different way. We encourage blending work and life, for example, working one day a week from home (if desired), flexible working hours to accommodate things such as school drop off and pick up, doctors appointments, having to get the car serviced, being able to take a mental health day – without having to make up a “story” that would be deemed acceptable and without feeling guilty about it. MTM staff members that are rested and feeling well are going to be far more productive than trying to slog it out and only giving 30% anyway.

  • To join individuals together, connect with each other, to motivate and inspire one another

Human connection and inspiration are two key drivers of the human experience. At MTM, we provide a warm, inviting and caring environment for our team. Recognition is given on a regular basis, because we know that with support and encouragement, we will each GROW. We live by the saying, “Grow your team. Don’t use your team to grow your business”.

  • Team First, Profit Second

We believe that if you forget about the team/family, the strength of the business will slowly die… and profitability along with it. At MTM, we strive to stay connected within ourselves – to not get distracted by all things physical (like cars, boats, jewelry, handbags.. money!).

We know that PEOPLE are more important than PROFIT.