Why we are MORE THAN …

More Than Mortgages (MTM) has a culture of giving more than what is expected, doing more than what is required, and being more than a mortgage brokerage.

Exceptional service

It might sound generic but MTM knows communication is key. Our team will work for you and with you to ensure they “get you” and what YOU want. You will get timely call backs and responses to your emails and calls. You will be guided through the entire process and by the end you will know more than you thought you ever would about your financial and property situation.

Industry knowledge

You need someone who can do more than just get you a home loan. At MTM, we can read your tax returns, trust deeds, how different companies can be structured for tax effectiveness, such as what is a bucket company? What does it do? What is the difference between a discretionary, unit, hybrid, family, testamentary trust? The MTM team know how each lender looks at these documents and how to position you to your best advantage.

Product knowledge

What we mean by “Product Knowledge” is that we know which lenders offer what type of loan, and what loan type you would be eligible for depending on your own circumstances.

Being personable

At MTM our culture is to be relatable. We want to get to know you as more than “just a client” – we treat you as we would a friend. Being professional goes without saying, but at the same time we love to have a laugh and we want you to enjoy the process. Over the last couple of years, home loan lending has become more complex due to government restrictions*. As a result, the process (loan submission to settlement) can often feel like hard work as you jump through the hoops that lenders have put in place. In spite of this, at MTM we make sure that navigating the labyrinth of home loan lending can also be fun and enjoyable.

We get it. Sometimes there are situations that are close to the heart. For example, every so often one of our clients may be going through a divorce or separation. It’s such a tough time for them and it means a lot to us that we can help them through it. Things we could do is help to organise a change of ownership of the family home (one spouse to keep the home), or if there are multiple properties involved, we will work out which properties can be kept and which might need to be sold. We can also help to consolidate any personal debts to improve cash-flow as the household now only has a single income. In these situations, we come up with a specific plan on how to move forward, provide lots of hand-holding each step of the way to give clarity and to provide that light at the end of the tunnel.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say:

“Having been married to a property developer for ten years and not having to make any major financial decisions, the thought of finalising my divorce and taking on a mortgage solo and having to do it on my own was a very daunting one!

Fortunately I wasn’t on my own!  I was given Deanna’s details by my sister in Canberra (I’m in Perth), and even on the opposite side of the country the support, guidance and expertise that I received was amazing from Deanna.  Nothing was too much trouble for De and her team and the whole process of finalising a Mortgage on my own as well as renovation costs was so easy! Little did I know that behind the scenes it was actually a very complex settlement, and lots of work and loading between the bank and settlement agent went on without me worrying about a thing!  They all made everything so easy for me.  

Divorce is stressful, making financial decisions (major ones) is stressful, trying to work out who you can trust in all of this is stressful but not once did I find the process stressful under the care of Deanna.  I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Deanna or calling on her for help again in the future.” ~ Sally Sutton, Perth.