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Financial Health Check

Get an obligation-free assessment of your financial health to ensure you have the right home loan for your personal circumstances.

Consolidate debt

Consolidate your high interest personal loan or credit card debt into a home loan and repay those loans sooner with only one monthly payment.

Pre-Approved Loans

Take some of the guess work and uncertainty out of your property purchase and apply for a pre-approved loan before you begin your search.

Property Investment

Build a  secure financial future by using the equity in your home for your investment property. This is the key to building wealth through property.

Home Loans

Bank on us to find the right home loan for all your home lending needs from buying your first home to upgrading, building or renovating and more.

The Right Loan For You

Save yourself some time and let us dive into the fine print of the many different lenders for you. We will find you the best loan to suit you and your circumstances.

Core values

We can help you …

... get the right home loan
... buy your first investment property
... add to your investment portfolio
... align your financial goals with your dreams

Here’s how …

  • We get to know you so that we can understand where you're at both personally and financially on your property journey
  • We walk you through the property lending process so that you are aware of what's going on every step of the way
  • We do the leg work when it comes to comparing loans and finding you the right one to suit your particular needs
  • We can recommend top industry specialists such as solicitors, accountants, buyers agents, real estate agents, therapists ...
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Deanna Ezzy, Founder and Principal Mortgage Broker has brought together a team of property specialists to bring a fresh approach to the broking industry. With several accolades under her belt, including Australian Mortgage Broker of the year 2013 and a Top 100 broker every year since, it is little wonder that Deanna has formed her own company, More Than Mortgages (MTM), where service is a calling not just another buzzword. This deep sense of commitment to her clients stems from her own experiences in the property market from buying her first home to building a house for her mother. Read more

Deanna Ezzy

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