John Quizon

The Explorer | Admin & Support

John was drawn to us through a friend’s glowing recommendation about our kind and professional team. He was particularly excited about his role, as it beautifully intersects with his past experience in the financial industry, allowing him to understand processes from admin to loan processing.

In the past, John has had a colourful career. He’s been a Data Entry Officer, Construction Officer, Credit Assessor, and even worked as a Loan Processor on both the broker and lender sides. He brings a wealth of experience to our team, particularly in the financial and broking sectors.

When it comes to this industry, John is passionate about seeing a loan application through from start to finish. He loves understanding the unique stories of each client, and his ultimate goal is to contribute to the company’s success in any way he can.

But John isn’t all work and no play! Outside the office, you can find him shooting hoops, playing table tennis, or engrossed in mobile games. He’s also a foodie who loves to cook and travel. His favourite dishes? Bulalo and Leche Flan, washed down with Smart C (Lemon Flavour) and good ol’ water.

John and his wife welcomed their first child, a daughter, in June. Family is important to him—he’s one of eight and enjoys a mix of older and younger siblings.

So whether it’s tackling a loan application or shooting some hoops, John is always up for a challenge. We’re thrilled to have him on our team and can’t wait to see what he’ll achieve next.

You can reach John on 02 6188 4555 or