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MTM team - Tequila toast

More Than Mortgages celebrates it’s entry into the property market with a gathering of family, friends, clients and industry partners at The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra on March 16, 2018.

The evening was a resounding success with MC John Loukadellis, Business Development Manager at Macquarie Group, opening the event with a few anecdotes about De and why he believed MTM was going to achieve great things in the future. De followed with a heartfelt speech thanking everyone who had helped her get to this point.

Starting with Karen Coe, Business Consultant, of Coco Canberra, De thanked Karen for helping her establish the MTM brand, plan the launch event and find her ‘why’.  De went on to thank John (Louka) for being her MC at such short notice and for bringing the banks (Macquarie, ANZ, St George Biz and St George resi, Liberty) together to help sponsor the event. A massive thank you was also given to those that came from interstate (Cassandra Zantides, Brian Maguire) and also to all of De’s wonderful clients and industry partners that came to support the launch.

Ed Nixon and David Thomas of Trilogy Funding were given special thanks for their support, training, growth and mentorship over the past 7 years. “You changed my life“, De said of her former employers and was truly grateful that they took a chance on her all those years ago.

I couldn’t do it without you Tash“, said De of her ‘Operations Manager’ Natasha Condi, who left Trilogy Funding with De to help establish MTM. A big “thank you” also went out to Glaiza Miguel, MTM Loan Officer, who flew from the Phillippines to be at the event.

It was with a heartwarming thank you from De to her mum Gina for her unwavering love and support, and a “you are my rock” thank you and appreciation to her partner Andy that De finished her speech and handed back to Louka for the tequila toast of the evening. Waiters appeared with trays of tequila shots and lemon and everyone charged their shot glass in the air, “to More than Mortgages“, and with a quick tequila swig, the toast was done.

Following that, the portrait gallery was opened and everyone was invited to try and walk steadily through and view the latest gallery exhibition.

Check out the photos of the launch in the MTM gallery.