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Top 100 broker Deanna Ezzy of More Than Mortgages offers her tips on networking and maximising online presence.  Many of you will appreciate the general theme of this post which includes keeping calm and if you’re feeling overwhemed just breathe and remember, there’s always … wine.

What’s your top tip for getting a faster turnaround time for a bank?

Support the banks that support you. Be nice to your BDM, be nice to your assessors. Then you can pull in favours if you need super quick turn around times
(Secondary to that – double/triple check supporting documents and application notes before submission to try and achieve a 1 touch)

What’s your top tip for keeping clients updated?

Tell your clients upfront when you’ll be contacting them. For me, every client gets updated on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at a minimum – before lunchtime. Even if the update is “I’ve checked with the bank and your file is in a queue to be picked up on Friday. Nothing I need from you at present. Have a great day”.

What’s your top tip for strong referral relationships?

Work with people you like, and become their friend. We spend more than half of our waking lives at work… why not make the day more enjoyable by working with our friends? Secondly (but still importantly), make sure you do a good job. Be a good/timely communicator.

What’s your top tip for maximising online presence?

Get good Google reviews (ask your clients to leave a review) so that your website shows up higher up the Google search page.

What’s your top tip for networking events?

Wine. Kidding – talk to at least three people you don’t know and don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you find that difficult, have three questions ready for each of them so there aren’t awkward silences. Failing that, more wine.

What’s your tip for when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

There’s an app called “Smiling Mind” which is a guided meditation app. You can do three min meditations (or 30 minutes) – so, go for a walk, put in head phones and sit down for 3-5 mins and listen/meditate/breathe… failing that, there is always more wine.

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