Noni Markwick

The BOM | Business Operations Manager

Noni came to MTM because she felt the vibe (we totally vibe!) and thought that the job was perfect for her. We agree! The fact that her favourite colour is purple also helped to seal the deal!

At her core, Noni is driven by her passion for assisting others and finding solutions to their challenges. She thrives in customer service and team management roles, motivated by the joy of uplifting and guiding individuals to reach their potential—a philosophy we deeply value at MTM. 

Known for her transparency and integrity, Noni is dedicated to building bridges and facing adversities head-on, ensuring everyone receives a fair opportunity.

Before joining MTM, Noni had a diverse professional background. She worked at Barnardos, a non-profit she feels deeply connected to, and had a tenure in the real estate industry.

Away from her desk, Noni is busy raising three happy, healthy and friendly boys (including her partner Keith). She enjoys being an involved mum and encourages her boys to talk to her about anything. Noni also has two dogs and an aviary with 7 birds. Her interests include playing hockey, exploring Canberra’s food scene, and spending quality time with friends and family. In many ways, Noni is the heart of any gathering.

You can reach Noni on 02 6188 4555 or at