Kristine Camacho

Loan Whisperer | Loan Processor

We feel very lucky to have found the perfect fit for our team in Kristine (nicknamed KC), an experienced Loan Processor with a passion for the mortgage industry. With six years of experience in the Australian mortgage industry and a background in local banking and administration, KC’s skills and knowledge align perfectly with her role at MTM.

In both her personal and professional life, KC values kindness, learning, and spirituality. Her personal goals include living in the present, maintaining a healthy mind and body, and taking care of her family.

Outside of work, KC enjoys making her home beautiful, spending time with her six-month-old daughter Gianne, her loving husband, and her furry friends (Macho the husky and Tutooooott the dachshund). KC loves exploring new restaurants and traveling with her husband, and I have to say that the MTM team shares a love for her favourite foods – pizza and pasta, and her favourite drink – iced coffee.

You can reach KC on 02 6188 4555 or