Amanda O'Hara

Captain Credit | Senior Client Partner

Meet Amanda, the all-around superstar of MTM who practically does it all—from crunching mortgage numbers to crunching abs in her own fitness bootcamp. Why did she want to work at MTM, you ask? Sure, a paycheck is nice, but it’s her passion for helping people and the “fabulousness” of her teammates that had her at “Hello.”

Amanda’s not new to this game. With a career spanning roles as a manager of mortgage brokers, loan processors, and settlement officers, she’s like the Swiss Army knife of the financial world. She even clocked in a decade as a Credit Analyst with AMP Bank. Talk about multitasking; she’s also a certified Personal Trainer because why stick to just one passion?

In the financial realm, she’s been around since before Cert IV was even a concept. Yeah, she’s OG! (Original Gangster). Her mission? To be the cupid that makes brokers and lenders fall in love, all to get those mortgage applications sailing smoothly.

Values? Honesty and integrity lead the pack. Goals? To revolutionise the mortgage broking industry, one approved application at a time.

When she’s not helping clients or teammates, Amanda is either walking her adorable kelpies, Netflix-binging (who isn’t?), or diving into her newfound COVID-era hobby: colouring books. Family? Let’s see—a son, daughter-in-law, four grandkids, two kelpies, a younger brother, and two nieces. Whew!

As for her go-to grub and sips? Seafood rules the table (but hold the octopuses, please), and her beverages range from Coke No Sugar and water to the occasional Vodka.

Amanda concludes there’s “nothing interesting” about her, but we think she’s just being modest. With a life this colourful, how could she be anything but extraordinary?

You can reach Amanda on 02 6188 4555 or at