Our Core Values

Trust, Support, Growth, Straight-up

We aim to be reliable and trustworthy by listening well, doing what we say we will do, accepting responsibility, being honest and speaking the truth. When we work with you, we strive to create a relationship founded on openness, honesty, and trust.

You may be impressed by what we know or what we can offer but you won’t fully trust us until you see that we care. We show that we care and support you by making you our first priority. We guide you through the entire lending process through frequent and open communication, as well as being fully accessible to you when you need us.

Growth is practice, not perfection. We all make mistakes but for us the true sign of growth is our fast recovery time. We are quick to apologise, fast to bounce back from setbacks, and willing to accept responsibility when things don’t go according to plan. We face challenges head on and push through adversity with integrity and common sense.

Honesty, integrity and transparency best describes how we are straight-up with you. It’s about being real with you about what you want and what you need, to achieve your lending goals. Being straight-up promotes openness and enables us to develop consistency in how we present the facts to you so that you can make informed decisions with clarity.