Jacqueline Orr

The Maverick | Marketing Strategist

Meet Jacqueline, or Jacs for short, a seasoned professional with a Bachelor of Communications Studies, specialising in Marketing and Media Studies. With over 17 years of experience spanning various roles in Sales, Marketing, and Communications across diverse industries like insurance, consumer goods, and publishing, Jacs brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Her decision to join the business was fueled by a deep admiration for Deanna and Tash, the driving forces behind MTM. The company’s culture, a blend of hard work, dedication, and a supportive atmosphere, resonated with Jacs. 

This marks her first venture into the financial/broking industry, demonstrating her eagerness to explore new territories.


Values like honesty and integrity shape Jacs’ approach in both professional and personal contexts, aligning with her goal of a long, happy life and aspirations for a business with her husband.

Beyond work, Jacs is a volunteer surf lifesaver, swimmer, and ocean enthusiast. Her diverse interests span fishing, freediving, and mastering American-style BBQ with nine BBQs at home. A solo backpacking adventurer, Jacs believes in the power of challenges to enhance problem-solving skills and resilience.

In her personal life, Jacs, her husband Tim, and their Ragdoll cat Gin make a small but close-knit family. She enjoys spicy food, especially Indian and Sri Lankan curries, and has a penchant for gin and Barossa Shiraz.

For Jacs, the best thing about New Zealand is its easily accessible outdoor activities, from beautiful coastlines to bushwalks and mountains, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.